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LED Fan allows your pictures and videos to be played in a unique 3D holographic effect. Equipped with 224 counts of LED lamps, LED Fan ensures clearer and better 3D effects than any other advertising machine in the market! OWN THE COOLEST ADVERTISING MACHINE IN THE MARKET TODAY!

  • Applicable Anywhere
      Advertise your product with ease using LED Fan!
      You can display anything you want on our LED Fan!
  • Eye Catching
      This is nothing like you've ever seen!
      LED Fans will give you MAXIMUM EXPOSURE due to its unique profile!
  • Light-Weight
      Weighing at just over 3 pounds, LED Fan is the most light-weight
      effective advertising machine ever! Mount it anywhere!
  • Easy Programming
      Load up your pictures and videos into the software, export into micro-SD card that's provided and plug it into the fan! It's THAT simple!

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