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Which LED sign option should I choose for my business or customer?

There are several factors that will determine which sign choice is correct including: budget, size, location, pixel pitch, location, type of marketing message to name a few. Please refer to the website to find the right sign for you or call us for more information.

How expensive are LED signs?

This is a tricky question. The answer is that they cost what you are willing to pay for them. Are you willing to pay to advertise for more business? Are they more expensive than a painted wooden sign? They most certainly are. However, are they too expensive if the right sign doubles your customer traffic and improves your businesses income by 150%? Most definitely not. With print advertising becoming ineffective for most businesses you can switch those marketing dollars to Direct Advertising. To answer the question directly- they range in price for the product from a low of $1300 for a small sign to whatever you want to put into them for larger square footage products.

What message is most effective on our sign?

Trying to communicate with simple text messages and graphic images, including video, turns your sign into your personal TV studio and window to the world! LED signs can real-time promote specials, offers, and events. Using a basic approach- keeping it simple, works best!

What's an LED?

LED is an acronym for light emitting diode. A diode is not a light bulb and it does not have a tungsten filament that heats up until they glow, like a toaster heating element, either. That's what incandescent bulbs have. LEDs work differently- there is no filament to burn out, they are like an electronic component. They're also a much more efficient light source, producing considerably more light per watt than a traditional bulb. Most LEDs are about 2/10 of an inch in diameter and about 1/3 of an inch in length. A typical household lamp requires 120 volts, while an LED uses just two or three volts and can last 70,000 hours or more.

How effective are three color LED signs versus full color LED signs?

Three Color LED signs have been in existence for nearly 10 years. If you are choosing a sign strictly on available funding then monochrome displays may be your best choice. They get attention and are very effective. But as you compete for customer attention you are what you advertise and perception becomes reality. If one color scrolling letters define your company's core product or service and computer enhanced color video is unimportant to you then consider a three color LED sign.

What's a pixel?

"Pixel" is an acronym for "picture element"- the smallest point of light in an LED sign. A pixel is frequently just one red or amber LED. In an IL WOO USA LED color sign, the smallest point typically includes three LEDs: one red, one green, and one blue. A display with more pixels typically has higher resolution, and appears sharper, depending on distance viewed.

What does "pitch"or "pixel pitch" mean?

"Pitch" is the distance in millimeters between pixels. A smaller pitch corresponds to more tightly packed LEDs and therefore more clear resolution.

What does "viewing angle" for an LED display mean?

When looking at the sign, a point is reached where the light intensity is exactly 50% less than the "on-axis" brightness. Twice that 50% brightness angle is the engineering definition for "viewing angle".

I'm concerned that my county's zoning issues may not permit an electronic LED sign.

Some communities are very electronic sign friendly while others have not yet embraced this new technology. You should check out your local communities standards, call your county permit office, and work with your attorney and your local governments to help revise outdated zoning restrictions. Whichever LED sign you buy, make sure you've done your due diligence on these local standards.

All LED signs look alike in the ad slicks! Am I buying a quality product?

Our signs are produced in a quality environment labeled ISO9001- a high standard of process compliance. Powder-coated, rugged steel cabinets and weather durability house electronic components that are designed to withstand years of use (and abuse!).

Once my PND LED Sign is installed, how will I get help?

PND Sign Technology can resolve software technical problems remotely. Our technicians are available to assist, coordinate and plan any service issue or question that arises.

LED signs have many names. Are they all the same?

Just like with any new industry the jargon has gone through several iterations already- electronic message boards, electronic message centers, electronic displays, marquee signs, message signs, message centers, video displays, electronic display boards or electronic LED display systems. Call it a car, an auto, a horse-less carriage or a Mercedes-Benz the appropriate reference is whatever you prefer. They all mean the same thing with the exception of the IL WOO USA LED product. That stands for you being completely satisfied with your purchase as you become another totally happy customer!

Why the price of PND LED Signs are so low? Does this mean the quality is lower than other American Companies?

PND LED Sign directly manufactures in a factory in Korea. This means, we know the lowest price possible for LED Signs. Because we manufacture them, we are able to sell them directly to our customers, without the addition of costs if we were to buy them through other companies. Through much experience and competition with Korean companies, the quality of LED signs has increased, but the price has decreased. The reason why American companies' LED signs are more expensive is that they usually buy different parts from Korea, and assemble them in the U.S. We know this because we have had a couple companies import our LED parts from Korea. We have been in the LED sign business for over 10 years in Korea, thus we are confident in our products. We offer our low prices to aid businesses in this time of financial struggle. Please purchase from us to receive the best LED quality with the lowest offered price.

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